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Traveling With Your Bike

Would you like to take a beautiful bike ride through the mountains of Montana or experience the rolling foothills in South Dakota? Jefferson Lines can take you and your bike there on your next adventure!

Couple Bike Ride on Trail

Can I take my bike on the bus?

Yes! Jefferson Lines allows for bicycles to be transported as checked luggage as long as the bicycle is in a substantial carrying case and follows the size and weight limitations for baggage:

Per Ticket Size Storage Location
Checked Bag
62 inches or less when adding length + width + height Under the bus in the baggage bays

Where can I purchase a carrying case?

Jefferson Lines asks passengers to please contain bicycles in a wood, leather, canvas, or other substantial carrying case. These cases or boxes are sold in a number of different retail locations, such as Home Depot, Amazon and more!

Other Nearby Bike Shop Options:



South Dakota:


North Dakota:


How do I fit my bike into a carrying case?

While we aren’t experts in bike construction or deconstruction, here are some helpful YouTube tutorials:

Tutorial One

Tutorial Two

Are you ready for your next Jefferson Lines adventure?

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