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Jefferson Self-Serve Luggage Program

Are you planning to travel by Jefferson Lines bus this fall? Maybe you’re planning to visit one of the dozen plus apple orchards that surround the Twin Cities, or you might be thinking a last minute bus trip to Rapid City, SD to visit Mt. Rushmore? Wherever your travel takes you, chances are you’ll be checking a suitcase or two under the bus. If so, Jefferson Lines wants to help set you up for success with our New Self-Serve Luggage Program.

Self-Serve Luggage Tag

Jefferson Self-Serve Luggage Program

Under this new program, passengers will experience greater consistency throughout the scheduled service network, particularly when transferring between motor coach bus carriers. There are three main things to remember about our new Jefferson Self-Serve Luggage Program to ensure a successful travel experience:

1. All bags checked underneath the bus will require a white (free), green (paid) or yellow (ADA/Senior) luggage tag.

Checked luggage tags can be obtained at our depot ticket counters or from our Jefferson Lines motor coach drivers when boarding a curbside location. For each bag tag, travel and contact information will need to be provided prior to loading under the bus.

2. Passengers will be responsible for completing all travel and contact information on their luggage tag to its greatest accuracy.

Because we want to ensure the information on your luggage is as accurate as can be, we are asking all passengers to complete the information on their luggage tags by writing in their travel and contact details. These include your name, origin, transfer point, destination, and phone number. Please write clearly and accurately to prevent lost luggage.

2. Passengers will be responsible for handling and/or transferring their luggage to/from/between buses.

Our belongings are precious to us, so keep them close! When departing, roll or carry your checked luggage to the side of your departing bus where our friendly and professional drivers will load them for travel. At each transfer point, exit the bus and wait alongside for our drivers to unload bags. Upon receiving your luggage, transfer each bag to your next bus. Once at your final destination, the driver will unload all luggage for passenger receiving, and you’ll be set! Another successful trip with Jefferson Lines.

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