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EFFECTIVE DATE: DECEMBER 22, 2023 Schedule 101 – Missoula, MT to Whitefish, MT Schedule 100 – Whitefish, MT to Missoula, MT     EFFECTIVE DATE: DECEMBER 25, 2023 Schedule 101 […]   Read More

Exciting Careers at Jefferson Lines

Are you thinking of becoming a bus driver? There are many benefits to pursuing this rewarding career, including competitive pay and flexible work hours. It also allows you to explore […]   Read More

Track Your Bus with Jefferson Lines

Ready to spend less time waiting for your ride and more time deciding what you’ll do when you arrive at your next destination? At Jefferson Lines, we provide reliable bus […]   Read More

Find a Bus Station Near You

Navigating bus pickup/drop-off locations can feel time-consuming and stressful, but with Jefferson Lines, it doesn’t have to be. Our team is committed to providing each passenger with the most reliable […]   Read More