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Lost or Damaged Baggage

For all lost luggage, please click here to fill out the baggage form which will be forwarded to our baggage department. You will need your Travel Itinerary in order to effectively complete the process. A member of our baggage department will be in contact with you within two business days.

Lost Luggage: Online Form

Terms & Conditions:

Jefferson Lines expressly disclaims liability for any lost or damaged baggage and for any injuries caused by or resulting from shifting baggage. Passengers should keep baggage, including any personal belongings, in their possession at all times. Jefferson Lines does not check bags and does not assume any responsibility for the safe and secure transport of bags over its routes. Baggage must comply with Jefferson Lines’ baggage allowances and restrictions, available at Certain articles are not accepted for carriage.

Visit for a list of items, which are not accepted. Passengers are responsible for properly tagging and identifying their baggage, including name and address. Passengers wishing to stow baggage in an under-bus baggage compartments do so at their own risk and may only place bags in such compartments with a company staff member present. Passengers requiring special assistance with their baggage should speak with a staff member at a ticketing counter to make necessary arrangements.