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Go Clean. Go Green. Go Jefferson.

What’s better than convenient, affordable, and reliable transportation? Convenient, affordable, reliable, AND sustainable transportation. At Jefferson Lines, we emphasize all four, prioritizing the health and safety of both our passengers and the environment, so we can be the #1 Bus Experience for those we serve and the world we live in.  


Jefferson Clean remains our company-wide commitment to the health and safety of our passengers. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, we created enhanced cleaning procedures that use the latest technologies to provide the cleanest and safest onboard experience. These processes are now standard across our network, and include: 


Did you know that Jefferson was recognized as an industry leader in environmental sustainability by Motorcoach Industries and the American Bus Association? Beyond providing millions of passengers with eco-friendly transportation options (motorcoach travel produces 85% fewer emissions than cars!) this GO GREEN mindset is present across all aspects our business: 

  • Recycling: beyond traditional recycling practices, Jefferson Lines seeks out innovative ways to maximize our resources and minimize waste, including a program where worn tires are sent for professional recapping vs. the landfill. 
  • Paperless Boarding: in addition to saving 400,000 sheets of paper each year, our digital ticketing system saves 1.2 million gallons of water and prevents 1.2 pounds of CO2 emissions. 
  • Facilities: the installation of energy-efficient HVAC units and LED lighting in our main office have allowed us to reduce energy consumption by 75%! 
  • Fleet: we continue to strategically phase out older buses and replace them with new, eco-friendly models. This process has allowed us to reduce the average age of our fleet by three years and counting. Also, that electrostatic sanitation we mentioned earlier? We use disinfectant that is biodegradable and EPA-approved, so it’s safe for our passengers and the environment. 


Jefferson Lines has over 100 years’ experience in the transportation industry. We connect passengers to thousands of destinations across the country, and serve communities that range from city centers, rural towns, college campuses, and everywhere in between, making convenient, affordable, and sustainable transportation accessible to millions of passengers each and every day.