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Convenient, Reliable, AND Sustainable: Go Green with Jefferson Lines

Jefferson Lines is incredibly excited to receive the 2022 Leadership & Environmental Sustainability award on behalf of Motorcoach Industries and the American Bus Association. This award is presented annually to “motorcoach industry leaders for their investment in environmentally-responsible equipment and the adoption of green business practices.” 

Environmental Sustainability has long been central to the Jefferson Lines mission. Beyond providing our passengers with a vast network of eco-friendly transportation options, we continuously review our operations and seek new ways to minimize our environmental impacts, both on the road and behind the scenes. 

So how does Jefferson Lines go Green? 

  • In 2019, we embarked on a universal paperless boarding program, which will save 400,000 sheets of paper and 1.2 million gallons of water each year, on top of preventing 100,000 pounds of CO2 emissions!
  • A digital overhaul of several key systems, including HR, payroll, and driver communications, have allowed us to likewise reduce our paper consumption. 
  • Our ongoing Jefferson Clean Commitment relies on EPA-approved biodegradable disinfectants and PlasmaAir purification units which drastically reduce airborne impurities. 
  • By reducing the average age of our bus fleet, we have phased out older, less-efficient models and replaced them with the latest eco-friendly options. This process has already allowed us to reduce our average vehicle age by three years and counting! 
  • Recycling is standard across all Jefferson Lines locations – even our maintenance facilities! Here in particular, our team has taken innovative steps to minimize waste and maximize resources, including a program where worn tires are sent for professional recapping vs. the landfill. 
  • We have installed energy-efficient appliances in several of our facilities, including HVAC units and LED lighting which work to reduce energy consumption by 75%. 

Jefferson Lines makes sustainable travel easy with our 14-state network that provides convenient, affordable, and reliable connections to thousands of destinations across the country. If you’re looking to go green (and save green) on your next trip, book with Jefferson Lines.