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A Breath of Fresh Air for Jefferson Lines Passengers

As the COVID-19 pandemic developed and a new emphasis was placed on airborne virus spread, Jefferson Lines began to research options that would make our motorcoaches the safest possible travel choice for our passengers. The result? Cutting-edge air purification inside each bus.

A bus rider reaching to switch on the air conditioning

The Jefferson Lines fleet now features PlasmaAir purification systems. These systems utilize bipolar ionization technology to drastically reduce airborne respiratory irritants, odors, bacteria and viruses (like COVID) from the air. Far from ordinary air filtration systems, bipolar ionization works to purify at the source. It charges particles in the air so that airborne impurities are neutralized and destroyed on contact.

Installation began in April, and already our Safety & Compliance team has reported a marked improvement in the air quality within our motorcoaches. These systems replace fresh air every ten minutes and filter cabin air every two minutes, completely overhauling traditional in-bus air standards. Air quality readings now put our buses on par with hospital emergency rooms.

Air purification is just one of the components of the Jefferson Clean commitment. Others include advanced cleaning procedures and a continued implementation of state and federal health guidelines. Our priority is passenger health and safety, and our goal is to have each passenger travel safely and confidently from departure to destination.