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Electrostatic Sprayers + High-Grade EPA Disinfectant = A Shockingly Clean Experience

The Jefferson Clean commitment is our promise to our passengers that their health and safety is our #1 priority at all times (the unprecedented ones and beyond). With enhanced cleaning procedures, contactless travel tools, and a continued adherence to health guidelines, Jefferson Lines passengers enjoy travels that are clean, affordable, and comfortable from departure to destination.

One main feature of the Jefferson Clean commitment is the regular electrostatic sanitation of our motorcoach interiors. Specialized sprayers release a fine mist of high-grade, EPA disinfectant that is electrically-charged to fully wrap around an object and cling to its entire surface area. As a result, electrostatic disinfectant provides 360 degrees of clean, reaching even the toughest-to-clean areas that are overlooked by traditional cleaning methods. The results? Long-lasting clean with maximum effectiveness.

Take a look below to see electrostatic sanitation in action, image courtesy of ABC Companies:









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