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Electrostatic Sprayers + High-Grade EPA Disinfectant = A Shockingly Clean Experience

Jefferson Clean is our commitment to our passengers that their health and safety is our #1 goal (the unprecedented ones and beyond). With enhanced cleaning procedures, contactless travel tools, and a continued adherence to CDC guidelines, Jefferson Lines passengers enjoy travels that are clean, affordable, and comfortable from departure to destination.

A Jefferson Lines employee uses an electrostatic disinfection sprayer

One main feature of the Jefferson Clean commitment is the regular electrostatic sanitation of our motorcoach interiors. Specialized sprayers release a fine mist of high-grade, EPA disinfectant that is electrically-charged to fully wrap around an object and cling to its entire surface area. As a result, electrostatic disinfectant provides 360 degrees of clean, reaching even the toughest-to-clean areas that are overlooked by traditional cleaning methods. The results? Long-lasting clean with maximum effectiveness.

Take a look below to see electrostatic sanitation in action, image courtesy of ABC Companies:

Electrostatic disinfection diagram









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