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Package Express

What is Jefferson Package Express (JPX)?


Looking for a more reliable way to ship packages? Tired of hidden fees, unexpected delays, or unaccounted for deliveries? Discover Jefferson Package Express (JPX). JPX is Jefferson Lines’ commercial shipping service via our daily bus schedules. 

With fast and reliable shipping services ranging from Wisconsin to Washington—and all the way down to Arkansas—we can deliver your shipments in over 180 communities in 14 different U.S. states. 

Thanks to our transportation partners, we’re able to connect your packages and shipments to thousands of other destinations throughout the United States.

Why Ship By Bus?

Shipping by bus is a commonly overlooked way of sending a package. JPX offers convenience, fast service, and added savings that air express companies and ground carriers simply do not. 

Our equipment, daily departure schedule, service to small-and-large communities, and rate structures allow us to offer streamlined solutions you won’t find anywhere else. 

Interested in Jefferson’s Package Express?

When you partner with JPX to ship your products, you can expect the following advantages:

Same-Day & Next-Day Services

In today’s competitive business world, sometimes overnight service simply won’t do. That’s where our guaranteed Next-Bus-Out or Same-Day services really come to the rescue. 

With multiple daily departures and arrivals, we can get your packages where they need to go within hours, at considerably lower prices than air express or ground carrier services.

300-Mile Range

With service in 14 different states across the American heartland, you can ship and receive almost anything from locations as far away as 1500+ miles.

Nights, Weekends & Holiday Service

When you ship by bus, you can always expect 24/7, 365 days a year service. When others close for the day, or stay closed during holidays or weekends, we’re still running! That means you can ship according to your schedule. Did we mention there are no hidden fees?

Convenience & Customization

Almost anything can be shipped by bus! From small documents to packages up to 100 pounds, chances are we can handle it. We even accept C.O.D shipments. 

Shipping by bus can be sent in one of two ways: 

  1. By prepaid collect
  2. Using a JPX charge account

Consult with a Jefferson Lines agent at your local bus station or depot to design a custom plan that works for you or your business.

Affordable Rates

Jets are expensive. But when shipping by bus, you can expect to pay 35-80% less than even the lowest priced air express companies. Our promise is to provide exceptional value to the customers and communities we serve—from travel to shipping accommodations. 

Is Your Business Ready for Packaged Express?

To learn more about shipping by bus via JFX, contact your local Jefferson Lines depot or agency for options and rates near you.