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Bus vs. Plane

Woman sitting in front of suitcase looking at travel map.

Traveling for work or to celebrate an upcoming family milestone? Your first instinct may be to check online travel agencies to compare flight rates and availability. Your next instinct might be to groan, as thoughts of flight delays, cancellations, and being cooped up in a stuffy airport for hours start to fill your mind.

Traveling, especially for work or a job interview, should be relaxing—not stressful. It should be affordable and on schedule, too.

It’s no secret that traveling by plane has gotten a bit hectic these last few years. And with continued labor shortages among flight attendants and pilots paired with later departure times and almost non-existent direct flight options, you can’t always count on getting where you need to be.

Why Traveling By Bus is Always Better

In this article, we’ll break down 5 reasons why traveling by bus is always the better option, especially when you book with Jefferson Lines!

1.) Affordability

Let’s start with the basics. After all, if you’re comparing airlines online, chances are you’re looking for cheaper flight options.

With Jefferson Lines, you can always expect a competitive rate—not to mention great discounts and special offers applicable to certain routes and popular Midwest destinations. In fact, many of our routes cost as little as $15 one way.

To find out just how affordable we are, you can book your ticket online, in person, or over the phone.

2.) Dependability

Traveling to Wisconsin for an important job interview or attending a conference in one of the Dakotas? Arriving late does not create a great first impression. So, why leave your travel plans up in the air (we couldn’t resist the pun)?

Instead consider the reliability and dependability of traveling by bus. At Jefferson Lines, our buses are equipped, cleaned, and ready to go! We also offer convenient travel alerts and bus tracking tools, so you know when your next bus is arriving and departing.

To put it simply, we remove the guesswork and “what if” of travel, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride ahead.

3.) First-Class Amenities

Does the idea of cramming your belongings into an already cramped overhead space sound appealing? How about squeezing in-between two complete strangers? Probably not!

At Jefferson Lines, you’ll enjoy ample space to store your belongings, not to mention plenty of leg room and reclining seats to help you unwind, as we take you safely to your next destination.

You’ll also enjoy free (yes, we said “free”) WiFi access, convenient outlet stations, as well as individual climate control seating. Learn more about the outstanding amenities you can expect when you travel with Jefferson Lines.

4.) Eco-Friendly

Did you know that buses are considered one of the best environmentally friendly modes of public transportation? Buses produce less emissions per passenger, when compared to planes and automobiles.

“Comparing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and average passenger count, The American Bus Association Foundation and The Union of Concerned Scientists have reported that buses and motor coaches are the most environmentally friendly form of transportation available,” (

5.) Award-Winning Customer Service

As one of Business Travelers’ Favorite carriers in Wanderu’s first-ever Passengers’ Choice Awards, our company prides itself on ensuring customers enjoy the best experience possible.

That means from the second you book your ticket to the moment you climb aboard our buses and by the time you arrive at your destination, you can expect 5-star service—from beginning to end.

Book Your Ticket with Jefferson Lines

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For questions about upcoming trips, or if you’re traveling with a group, and would like to learn more about our charter options, contact us today for details!

Happy travels!