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Jefferson Clean: The Motorcoach Approach

Cleaning our fleet is no small feat! Each time a Jefferson Lines motorcoach returns to home base, it is given a thorough cleaning inside and out – a 1.5 hour process (or 45 minutes per two-person team) that ensures everything from mirrors to seat belts are to the standard of our Jefferson Clean commitment. Cleaning procedures are managed by our detailing staff and maintenance crew who make sure our motorcoach fleet offers the cleanest and safest transportation to our passengers (or in other words…Your #1 Bus Experience).

Jefferson Lines detailer uses electrostatic sprayer to disinfect bus interior





Our home office and select depots are equipped with “wash bays” where our motocoaches are routinely cleaned. Think… your local car wash adjusted to accommodate 45 feet of motorcoach.

Each bus wash includes the following steps: 

  1. The bus is pulled into the wash bay where the lavatory is drained and the motorcoach is filled with fresh water. Inside, the lavatory is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. 
  2. The bus exterior is carefully hand-washed with soap and water and then given a thorough scrubbing with an automatic washing machine. 
  3. Garbage is then collected, floors are swept, and all Interior windows are washed.
  4. All touchpoints are disinfected with high-grade EPA disinfectant and electrostatic sprayers. This includes headrests, armrests, parcel racks, door handles, and even seat belt buckles.

Once cleaning is completed, the motorcoach returns to the lot, ready for another day of safe travel on the road. 

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