Reconnect with worry-free travel

Reconnect Worry-Free with Our Jefferson Clean Commitment

Comfort, affordability, and convenience have long described the #1 Bus Experiences provided by Jefferson Lines. Now, “Jefferson Clean” has been added to the list, letting our passengers and employees know that they can travel with confidence. A top-quality clean has always been a component of the Jefferson Lines experience, and we have enhanced existing procedures.

Jefferson Lines Bus Cleaner

Electrostatic Sprayers & High-Grade EPA Disinfectant

Our motorcoaches are cleaned using high-grade, EPA disinfectant and electrostatic sprayers. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, these systems sanitize even the most difficult to reach areas. Disinfectant is electrically charged as it is released to cover an object's every angle and adhere to the surface. The result? Minimum waste, maximum effectiveness, and a lasting 360 degrees of clean.

Jefferson Lines offers individual climate controls and reading lights

Continuous Air Purification

PlasmaAir purification systems have been installed in all Jefferson Lines buses to reduce airborne bacteria, viruses, respiratory irritants, and odors. These systems utilize bipolar ionization technology to not only filter the air but actually neutralize and destroy airborne impurities at the source. Already we have seen a marked improvement in air quality — our buses now have a quicker air exchange than that of hospital emergency rooms!

A woman wears her mask on the inside of the bus

Passenger Health & Safety

CDC continues to recommend passengers wear masks fully covering their nose and mouth while inside depots and riding the bus. This includes encouraging our employees and passengers to take individual steps to protect themselves and reduce the spread. Paperless boarding options further enhance the Jefferson Clean experience and allow passengers to streamline their trip.