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Find a Bus Station Near You

Navigating bus pickup/drop-off locations can feel time-consuming and stressful, but with Jefferson Lines, it doesn’t have to be. Our team is committed to providing each passenger with the most reliable and convenient travel tools they can access on any smart device. 

From our bus stop mapping tool to our tracking and travel alert features, we’ll help you find the best bus route and track its progress so that you can arrive at your next destination confidently and safely. 

How To Find the Nearest Bus Stop

Using your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, you can search the nearest bus stop location throughout our network. This article will walk you through how to access this information to help you find the nearest bus location in seconds.

Step 1: First, visit Jefferson Lines’ nearest bus stop application. You can also find this feature under our “Travel Information” tab, which is located on our site’s main navigation.

From here, you’ll be directed to our mapping tool.

U.S. map of Jefferson Lines' bus stops

Next, enter your zip code and select the “search” button. You also have the option of searching the nearest bus stop by selecting your state:

Display for bus stop locater.

Jefferson Lines is proud to provide convenient bus transportation throughout many Midwest states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, and more. Use our “select a state” scroll-down feature to see a complete listing of the areas we serve:

List of destinations

Step 2: Once you’ve entered your zip code or selected your state, the map will begin to populate the nearest bus stops from your location. For this example, we’ve enter the zip code 55101 (Lowertown Saint Paul, MN):

Bus stop locations in St. Paul, MN

Step 4: From here, you can click on any of red destination points to find the nearest bus station and get directions (see below):

Saint Paul, MN bus stop location.

Or,  you can choose from a listing of bus stops that appear underneath the map to find which station is closer to your current location.

Listings of nearby bus stops.

Once you select “get directions” you’ll be directed to a Google Map’s page. This calculates the distance between you and the bus stop.

Map that displays distance from bus stop location.

It’s that simple! 

The best part is you can also use our tracking bus feature to know when your bus will arrive/depart. And if, for any reason, your bus is delayed or canceled, a member of our team will contact you directly and help you find another bus.

In addition to making it easy to find your bus stop, we also provide assistance to passengers with disabilities when traveling within the Jefferson Lines system. This includes assistance with boarding and deboarding buses, luggage, transfers, stowage and retrieval of mobility devices.

How to Find the Nearest Bus Stop to My University

Jefferson Lines is also proud to support college students with safe, affordable travel—with bus stops located right on campus.

We serve several colleges and universities throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. Our buses run to and from many college campuses with convenient pickup locations within walking distance. 

In addition to enjoying convenient travel accommodations, students can also take advantage of our free wifi, power outlets, and spacious seating. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable to travel from campus to your favorite nearby destinations. Plus, you have the added assurance that we’ll get you back to campus safely.

Learn more about our college connection program to see if we offer a bus stop location near you! 

Ride with Confidence

If you have any questions about finding a bus stop near you or about any of our convenient travel tools, please contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you!

Our goal is to provide passengers with safe, affordable, and reliable bus transportation. So, we hope you’ll choose Jefferson Lines for all your travel needs! 

If you’d like to book a bus ticket today, you can do so online or call us directly at 858-800-8898.