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Track Your Bus with Jefferson Lines

Ready to spend less time waiting for your ride and more time deciding what you’ll do when you arrive at your next destination? At Jefferson Lines, we provide reliable bus transportation services to cities and states across the Midwest—and beyond!

As your trusted travel provider, we strive to make your experience safe, affordable, and tailored to your unique needs and schedule. So, whether this is your first or tenth time traveling with us, we’d like to say, “welcome aboard!” 

We’d also like to show you around and introduce you to some exciting features to enhance your ride with us.

Bus Locator & Tracker

As part of our commitment to ensuring passengers arrive at their scheduled destinations, we offer a convenient way to locate and track your bus from any smart device.

Using our Track Your Bus feature, you can instantly check the status of your bus’s location. Our bus tracker provides up-to-the-minute details, including estimates of arrivals and departures, delay notifications, and cancellations. 

How It Works:

Visit our website from your smart device and choose Track Your Bus under the Travel Information navigation tab. From there, you can enter your departure date and the location of the bus stop from which you plan to depart. 

Empty form for track my bus feature.

Next, type in the location of your destination and select the correct departing time before you click “check status.”

Milwaukee to Minnespolis bus tracker.

Once you enter this information, our site will instantly direct you to a new page that provides you with the following travel details:

  • Date of travel
  • Bus number
  • Bus status (i.e., on-time, delayed, canceled)
  • Depart location
  • Arrival location
  • Time at which information was last updated

Map of bus route.

Can I Track My Bus Route?

Absolutely! Our bus locator feature includes a map view of your bus’s planned travel route. You can also access directions to your bus stop to ensure you arrive at the correct location for pick-up.

Though we know you’ll enjoy using this feature to keep you on schedule with your travel plans, we find that family members or friends who plan to pick you up from the bus stop consider this feature especially helpful.

We also offer free WiFi access to all our passengers, so you can always stay connected to friends and loved ones while aboard!

Delays & Cancellations

In the unlikely event that your bus is delayed or canceled, you will receive a call from our team to alert you of the disruption. Our team will also work with you to find another bus or reschedule.

Please note that our team will contact you using the phone number or email address that you entered when booking your ticket. So, please be sure to provide the best contact information so our team can connect with you and keep you informed. 

You can also view our Travel Alert page for the most updated information on our bus routes.

Track Your Bus and Stay on Schedule

At Jefferson Lines, we are committed to supporting our passengers with reliable transportation and the best customer service possible. 

We proudly serve people of all abilities and work continuously to improve our services and features, so you can always expect an enjoyable ride—from start to finish.

Got travel plans? Book your next ride with us!