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Jefferson Lines expands service between Duluth and the Twin Cities

Duluth, MN – Jefferson Lines is excited to announce expanded service between Duluth and the Twin Cities, beginning today October 15, 2015. There will now be three daily departures to and from Duluth with added destinations to the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport and the Mall of America. With ticket prices starting at just $25.00 one-way, it is the most convenient and economical way to travel to the Twin Cities. In addition travelers will now have the option to do day trips with early morning departures from Duluth and evening departures from the Twin Cities, allowing for same day travel.

“Jefferson Lines is committed to better serving the Duluth community,” states Kevin Pursey, Director of Marketing. “Implementing additional schedules will provide Duluth residents with more travel options to the Twin Cities and destinations beyond.”

With the added early morning departures, the bus will now arrive into Minneapolis in time to connect with multiple other schedules for destinations farther west and south, such as Rochester and Sioux Falls. This will open up travel options for northern MN travelers and represents Jefferson’s commitment to Duluth and the Northland.

At the same time as these changes to the Duluth-Twin Cities corridor, Jefferson Lines is also enhancing bus service to the Iron Range. There is a new stop at Hobby Lobby, by Miller Hill Mall where passengers can transfer onto the Duluth Transit Authority’s Mall Area Short Hop (MASH) for only 25 cents. In addition, Jefferson Lines is instituting a later afternoon return trip to the Iron Range allowing range residents to make a round trip to Duluth in one day.

These enhancements to Duluth-based schedules also help prepare Jefferson Lines for the upcoming move to the new Duluth Transportation Center scheduled to open in January 2016. This central location will provide more convenient connections to the Duluth Transit Authority and Arrowhead Transit buses. The location change is part of Jefferson Lines continued efforts to connect with local transit systems to better serve the Duluth community.

Media Contact:
Kevin Pursey, Director of Marketing

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