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Sketching Excursion to Sioux Falls

Ken and Roberta Avidor, our St. Paul-based artists, are back from their sketching excursion to Sioux Falls, SD via Jefferson Lines bus and folding bicycles. They rode Jefferson’s Big Bluestem route on their outbound journey and for their return, took the express via I-90. While in Sioux Falls, Ken and Roberta got around on their Brompton folding bikes. Talk about a multi-modal adventure!

They certainly were busy while in Sioux Falls – Ken and Roberta produced over 20 intricate sketches, visited local museums and attractions, and even saw the Sioux Falls Canaries play the St. Paul Saints in a double header. (They are huge minor league baseball fans.) We at Jefferson Lines are very grateful for all the local sponsors who donated a meal, a night’s stay, or an activity for our artists.

Are you planning a Sioux Falls adventure? Here are some travel ideas to get you started:

For the full story on their adventures and all their artwork, visit Ken and Roberta’s travel blog.

For Jefferson Lines, these sketching excursions showcase lesser known destinations that we serve and highlight multi-modal connections. Last but certainly not least, Ken and Roberta show how fun and easy it is to travel by Jefferson Lines bus.