Aerial view of downtown Bozeman, Montana

Located in Southwestern Montana, Bozeman has a population of 45,250 people and is home to Montana State University. There is lots to do in Bozeman, starting with Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman is the perfect place to stay when planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park because of its prime location right in between two entrances to the park. Bozeman is a great destination for anyone in search of an ideal place to explore the great outdoors. In the winter, visit Bridger Bowl Ski Resort for some great powder skiing. In the summer, tube or raft down the Gallatin River, explore the Gallatin Canyon, take in the Palisade Falls waterfall or hike the Grotto Falls trail. Bozeman is a great place to experience wildlife. Spot anything from grizzly bears to elk to eagles in the wild or try out Bozeman’s famous fly fishing. Relax after a long day outside with a dip in one of Bozeman’s natural hot springs. Check out our bus schedules to find a bus to Bozeman MT today!

Lots to Explore

Experience all of the culture and fun that Bozeman has to offer by exploring Downtown Bozeman. Visit the Bozeman Spirits Distillery or take a beer tasting tour. The Ellen Theatre, built in 1919, is a romantic, cozy venue to take in show. Bozeman is known for having a wide variety of festivals, concerts and farmers markets. It is also home to the Museum of the Rockies and the American Computer Museum. To check out the best places to dine, stay and explore visit

The city of Bozeman was founded in 1864 by pioneer John M. Bozeman shortly after he created the Bozeman Trail. Now known for its quaint, outdoorsy charm, Bozeman has a rich heritage which began even before it was founded. Previously home to indigenous people, Bozeman was referred to as Valley of the Flowers. In 1906, Bozeman became the sweet pea capital of the nation and began their Sweet Pea Festival which still happens today. It has transformed, however, from the trade of sweet peas to a three day long celebration of art. Bozeman was elected an All-American city in 2001, and was voted the best place to live in the west by Outdoor Magazine.

A river running through mountains covered in trees

If you want to experience the rich history of Bozeman and enjoy all that the quaint city has to offer, you won’t be disappointed. You can also dive into nature by exploring the National Park, observing the diverse population of animals in their natural habitat, trying out fly fishing, or going horseback riding. If you’re looking for adventure go downhill powder skiing or white water rafting. If you are in search of a relaxing getaway, explore the shops, museums, fine dining and beautiful theatres of downtown Bozeman.

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