When using the updated MMC Driver Scanning App, you will experience multiple upgrades to better support drivers in their role: 

TDS app icon

        1. Complete Manifests – Expected, Onboard, & Disembarked Passenger
        2. Improved User Interface – Clean & Seamless Scanning & Navigation
        3. Expanded Ticket Information – ADA Wheelchair & Boarding Pass Notifications

Let’s get started:

  • When logging into your scanning app on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, you will see an updated application for TDS Scanning.
  • Upon opening the new TDS application, ensure you are logging in with your updated QR code. 
    • >>> Haven’t received your new QR code? Use your driver number to login.
  • Select the driver from the dropdown menu. 
  • From here, the steps performed in the previous system will be the same in our new MMC Driver Scanning App. 

Thank you, Drivers, for your patience throughout this transition into our new MMC Booking Tool and Driver Scanning App. As with any new system, tweaks and edits may be required. Your feedback is valuable! Complete our online Driver Scanning Feedback Form to help us learn how we can continue to better support you. 

Q & A:  

Will my Driver Smart Device still scan old tickets outside of the new MMC booking tool? 
Yes. Continue scanning the QR code presented on new and old tickets for boarding and follow current dual process. 

How do I log in manually? 
Use the keyboard to enter the Driver number manually, then enter the Carrier code. Once both fields are updated tap “Log In” to proceed to the next step. 

I have entered in the date for my stop, by the incorrect information is appearing. What do I do? 
Verify that the date entered is the date your schedule/route began. For example, some routes operate overnight; therefore, the date of the route would be the day prior if the pickup location continues into the early morning. If everything is correct, please reach out to BOSS at boss@jeffersonlines.com and call Dispatch. Please also complete the online Driver Scanning Feedback Form. 

My device shows someone else logged in. How do I log out? 
In the device, press the orange circle with driver initials, found in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the circle and select “Log out.” You can then log in with your updated QR code.  

I have boarded my passengers at point “A,” but when arriving at point “B” my previous location appears. What do I do? 
To properly close each stop, you must select “Depart Stop” when your scanning is complete for that location. If you do not, then next time you log in you will automatically land on the page of your prior location. Simply press “Depart Stop” to close out point “A,” and continue scanning for point “B.” 

I have scanned a passenger ticket that shows it has already been lifted. What do I do? 
First review your passenger manifest to see if the ticket was already lifted along your run. If so, continue with boarding. If not, then log the passenger’s order number and first/last name on your run card as an exception. 

I have scanned a passenger ticket that shows it has been cancelled. What do I do? 
Unfortunately, the ticket scanned is invalid. Please inform the passenger they will need to purchase a new ticket. 

🗒 Dual process continues.

Dual Process continues during this temporary transition. In the Driver Scanning App, tickets purchased through the new MMC booking system found at JeffersonLines.com and the JL mobile app will:

  • Temporarily reflect as “TMP HOLD” rather than passenger first/last name
  • Contain a 6-digit order number rather than an 8-digit confirmation number

Jefferson drivers and all other carriers will continue to use their current TDS Driver Scanning App during this temporary transition to:

  1. Scan current/outgoing NBTS booking system tickets
  2. Swipe passenger names (or “TMP HOLD”) when a ticket is not printed
  3. Reference route manifests and capacity

Please remember to write new MMC 6-digit order numbers on the back of your run card.