Customer FAQs for Jefferson Lines

Jefferson Lines Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the St. Paul depot located? The St. Paul depot is located inside the Union Depot at 240 E Kellogg Blvd. The telephone number is 651-222-0507.

2. Where is the Minneapolis depot located? The Greyhound Bus Depot is located at 950 Hawthorne Avenue in the Hawthorne Transportation Center north of Hennepin Avenue and 9th Street in downtown Minneapolis. The terminal telephone number is 612-371-3325.

3. If I buy a ticket, change my mind and don't use it, how long before the ticket expires? Non-refundable tickets maybe reissued to another schedule provided all fare and schedule rules are met and seats are available - fee's applied. Refundable tickets can be reissues to another schedule provided all fare and schedules rules are met and seats are available at no cost to the passenger.

4. At what age do I qualify for a senior citizen discount? Passengers at least 62 years of age qualify for a 5 percent senior citizen discount off of the regular fare. Senior discounts do not apply to the 7 or 14 day advance discount rates.

5. What are the child fares? Passengers age 2 to 11 receive a 40 percent discount off the adult fare when purchased with a walkup adult fare. Children discounts DO NOT apply to the 7 or 14 day advance fares. Passengers 12 years and older pay the adult fare. One child under 2 per adult rides free.

6. What is the URL of the Jefferson Bus lines website and phone number? The website address is The toll-free number is 800-451-5333.

7. How much luggage can I bring on the bus? Passengers are allowed to check one bag under the bus and carry on one piece of baggage able fit in the overhead rack or under your seat. A purse or laptop is allowed in addition to your carry on item. A second checked bag carried under the bus will be $15.00 extra. Additional luggage may be checked for an additional fee.

8. Is there a weight limit on luggage? Yes. The maximum weight for checked baggage is 50 lbs. and must not exceed 62 inches per individual piece of luggage. A charge of $30 to $40 will be applied to luggage that is over the weight and height requirement. Baggage over 75 lbs. will be subject to package express rates.

9. Is there a hotline number if a schedule is cancelled because of bad weather? Call Jefferson Lines at 800-451-5333 or check our website news for updates.

10. What are the buses equipped with? The buses are equipped with air conditioning, an on-board restroom, reclining seats with headrests, footrests, and tinted windows. Wi-Fi, DVD player, XM Radio and seat belts are also available on some models.

11. What is permitted on board? Food, non-alcoholic beverages, radios, laptops and other electronic items. Please bring headphones when using electronic to not disturb fellow passengers.

12. What is not permitted on-board? Smoking is not permitted. No dogs, cats or other animals are permitted, unless it is a service animal. Alcohol, guns and drugs are strictly prohibited by law.

13. Are there assigned seats? No, seating is on a first come, first serve basis. The front row of seats are generally reserved for passengers with disabilities, unaccompanied children and senior citizens.

14. What if my baggage is delayed? Complete the online baggage tracer form and attach your original baggage claim check and original ticket receipt. For more information call 888-465-1532